Slashing his Drug Habit

Photo: Slashing his drug habit (in the first comment.)

There are few rock stars with the notoriety of the band members in Guns and Roses. Slash, who played guitar for the band, is one of the most famous rock stars of his generation. Although the fame played a role in his addiction to drugs, the rocker admits that his initial drug use was also related to his image and idea of himself.

The Drugs
Slash was known for his use of heroin and alcohol rather than other drugs that are commonly associated with rock stars. He admitted in interviews that he was using the drug because he felt it was appropriate for his personality. Unlike other rock stars, who abused cocaine and speed, he preferred using heroin to get into a relaxed state of mind. The rock star felt that it fit his laid back mentality. As a band member, the drugs were easy for Slash to obtain. The entire band was known to abuse drugs and he did not see any reason to stop when he was taking the substances. Although he started using the drugs when he was part of the band, the famous guitarist gave up the substance when he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He was still in his 30s when he was forced to get a pace maker to keep his heart pumping and healthy. With the help of that news and the support of his wife, the rock star began taking measures to overcome his addiction. While he originally gave up drugs and alcohol in 2001, the rock star did have a few challenges along the way. He briefly used drugs again a few years after giving up heroin due to marital and career problems. He admitted that the drugs did not seem as appealing to him after so long without them and gave up the drugs again after that short relapse. At that time, he went into a rehab program to get help and was able to come out of the program without the drugs. Since giving it up a second time, the guitarist has not continued abusing drugs. Living the dream lifestyle of a rock star can only provide satisfaction for a short period of time. Although Slash admitted that he cannot bring himself to regret his life in the past due to the music, he also admitted that he is able to accomplish more after giving up the drugs. He overcame the addiction and has inspired others to follow his path to sobriety.


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