How to create meaningful relationships

Be a best friend to others first.
Think about how you can give vs. receive.

Identify with who you want to build authentic relationships with.
Best connections happen when there are similar conscience levels and values.

Create opportunities to know each other. 
Take the first step. No need to wait!

Get to know them vs. fringe topics.
Former builds true friendships; latter builds superficial connections.

Focus on positives not negatives.
See the beauty in each individual.

Share your life with them.
Let them know you for you.

Build trust first.
Nothing can develop without trust.

Let them in during your down times.
Open up an let yourself be vulnerable.

Be there for them when they need you.
Support, empathize, understand, don’t impose.

Focus on those who reciprocate your efforts.
These are the gems and the keepers.


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