So I asked my son a question..

I asked my son, “How do you feel now that Mommy is in recovery?” and this was his answer..

“It feels good that you’re in recovery. It’s really nice because now we get to spend way more time together as a family. I don’t cry anymore because you don’t pick us up. You’re becoming a really good Mother because you buy us everything we need and some things we want… like a 3DS and a PS Vita.  I’m really proud of my you because we have fun, we go to the park, and you’re sober.”

Recovery has given me a lot. Most importantly, my children.
It’s given me the opportunity to work on my relationship with them, and be the mother I was blessed with being. Even when things get rough, I remember something my son told me early in recovery.. that all I need is them, they’ll make me happy when things get rough, and they’re right. They’re ALL I need to get by.


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