Iowa Man Gets Arrested After Calling 911 on a Bad Drug Deal

Daniel Noehl Sr., of Iowa City, called police on Sunday morning at least three times after a friend of his failed to pay him for 230 pills he’s sold for $1.25 each. Noehl claimed he did not know it was illegal to sell prescription medication.

A dimwit called cops after getting stiffed on a drug deal and ended up being arrested himself.

Daniel P. Noehl Sr. was arrested after he called the cops to say he got stiffed on a drug deal in Iowa.

Daniel P. Noehl Sr., 57, contacted Iowa City police on Sunday morning to tell them a pal hadn’t yet paid for prescription medication he’d sold him. He’d sold three bottles packed with 230 pills at $1.25 per pill and his friend was holding out on handing over the cash.

As officers made their way over to Noehl’s Dolphin Lake Point home, he called at least three more times to ask why they were taking so long. On arriving at his house, he told them he needed the money to buy groceries and cigarettes, and claimed he didn’t know selling on his meds was illegal.

Noehl then allegedly admitted to smoking crack cocaine on Wednesday. He was arrested and charged with prohibited acts, a serious misdemeanor and a simple misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia.


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