In Memory Of

This page has been established in honor and memory of loved ones who have died. I hope this page keeps the memory of these dear people alive in our hearts, and in some way helps those of us who have never met to get to know one another, and to get to know those who are no longer here with us. I encourage you to share your loved ones through their photographs and/or stories. Each of their lives is precious, not just to their families, but to all of us. Each of them had a life, and a story worth remembering!

Joseph “Oxford” Zielinski
I will never forget the day I heard of his passing… I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. He was just at my house.. we were just playing spades and joking about him delivering my baby because I was nearing my due date and having bad contractions. I remember the days sitting on the stairs in the back of his house, listening to Incubus and just talking about everything. He is missed by many! Another angel taken way too soon. Until we meet again.. I love you Jojo!