I’ve put these worksheets together for groups and personal use. I’ve decided to make them available to everyone to use, free of charge. All I ask is that you (a) let people know where you received them from and (b) don’t see them or claim as your own. In order to print click on a link, and a new window will open up. Go to the new window and simply press ctrl + p and the print options will pop up. You can also save them to your HD by right clicking and “Save Link As”.

Worksheets created by myself

Increasing Self Acceptance
Activities You May Enjoy
Challenging my Unhelpful Idea
Vocabulary Exchange
The Addiction Process
Personal Growth
Coping With Dangerous Situations
Abstinence Through the Holidays
Understanding and Preventing a Relapse
Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Setting Goals Helps Recovery
Choosing Your Own Recovery Strategies

Worksheets created by others

By: Clare Bourgaize
Substance Misuse Workbook
Substance Use Diary